Ursus program

A good knowledge base is essential to develop effective conservation strategies . Technicians Oso Pardo ( FOP ) Foundation are keeping up with respect to the results of the research conducted in Europe and North America, but the uniqueness of the Iberian brown bear populations also requires the development of own studies that respond to challenges of management and conservation of the species and its habitat. FOP maintains a research applied to management and carries out projects that are described below.

Monitoring the bear population

Tracking the Cantabrian bears is essential
to see if the population increases or decreases
and to design the necessary conservation measures .
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Investigación del comportamiento

Since in the Cantabrian Mountains has hardly used the radio-
, observing
individuals on Mount is a good method to obtain data
( … )
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Hábitat y corredores

In recent years, since the FOP are held
studies to evaluate the bear habitat , especially in the eastern
subpopulation of the Cantabrian Mountains ( … )
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