Permeable infrastructure


The main cause of loss of biological diversity in Europe is the fragmentation of the natural environment . The linear transport infrastructures (roads , railways … ) cause a barrier effect for animal populations residing in the vicinity.

In the particular case of the brown bear , roads and large linear infrastructure poses a real barrier to the passage of bears, but also generate large areas in the vicinity of the bears avoid using or underused . The main effects of linear infrastructure on brown bear populations are habitat loss , population isolation , lack of access to resources ( food, shelter … ) , injury or death from collisions with vehicles and habituation to humans.

To reduce such negative effects on bear populations , it is necessary to identify the “black spots” on roads and railways to hamper movement of bears and propose measures to mitigate the barrier effect and make the transport infrastructure safer and more permeable . In this line , the FOP is working on several projects assessing and preventing adverse effects on the bear population track ( line TGV on the Asturian side of Pajares ) and tunnels ( Rañadoiro in Asturias) currently under construction and other infrastructure already in operation , such as railway Leon – Gijon or different roads.

The FOP is working to get more permeable infrastructure under collaboration agreements or contracts with companies and administrations.