Mountains and hills

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The purpose of this project is to acquire land in the core Osero most important player of the Cantabrian West, with a view to maintaining quality habitats , creating a network of points of natural food and develop management models compatible with bear conservation.

To do lots of mountains proindivisos purchased , allowing the FOP be co-owner of all the mountain and participate in its management. The FOP is co-owned forests totaling 14 110 km2 of high quality habitat for the bear and the Cantabrian capercaillie , one of the most endangered species in the Spanish fauna. In fact , the quality of habitat is such that , in this decade , every year these hills are located in three to six bears accompanied by their cubs.

In the same areas as the mountains , the FOP has been buying farms are planted with species that produce fruit desired by the bear. FOP currently owns 114 properties totaling 48 hectares.

The FOP is acquiring hills and farms with funds from the LIFE program of the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.