Footprint Program


One of the basic objectives of the Fundación Oso Pardo ( FOP ) is to promote environmental education, a lot of information and training, in order to generate changes in attitudes and facilitate social support for bear conservation. The FOP exists since its establishment in 1992, the Footprint Program, focused in teachers and students, to areas who are related to collective tasks involved in managing bear populations and in some promotional activities, the general public.

All activities belonging to ‘Footprint Program’ are supported by teaching materials care and are run by the environmental education team of the FOP , with the support of recognized specialists in environmental education when necessary . To define its strategy and improve education and public awareness, along with FOP prompted Bear Asturias Foundation discussion forum Environmental Education in the Framework of the Strategy for the Conservation of the Cantabrian Brown Bear and requested the Environmental Education team department of Ecology at the Autonomous University led by Dr. Javier Benayas the development of the Communication Strategy , Education, Interpretation and Environmental Participation of the Brown Bear Foundation.

The clothes Footprint Program training projects and environmental education of great interest to the defense of the brown bear.