Corridors for bears


One of the basic lines of this action, for the conservation of the brown bear, is to ensure connectivity between breeding groups and develop iniciatives that facilitate the genetic exchange.

To help communication between bear´s corridors, FOP is working in the corridor that separates the two subpopulations of Cantabrian brown bear , separated by a band of 40-50 km wide located horse Leon and Asturias, studying the preferred connecting corridors identifying the elements that are a barrier, creating a favorable social scenario, improving the habitat by planting and eliminating risks to the species , and illegal trapping and the use of poisons.

Furthermore, the FOP carry out activities in the so-called ” Leitariegos corridor ” which is a narrowing located in the western sub-population , between Cangas del Narcea and Degaña (Asturias ) and Villablino (León ) . Leitariegos corridor connects to the most important players of the Cantabrian bear nuclei and also maintains a regular presence of bears, including bears with cubs . In this scenario, the purchase and FOP planta fincas y montes, also to keep operating a surveillance equipment and kernel trace bears.

A substantial part of the work that the FOP takes place in the corridors of communication with financial support from theFundación Biodiversidad, Principado de Asturias, Gas Natural Fenosa, Fundación Banco Santander y la Unión Europea.