Bear Patrols

Fundación Oso Pardo (FOP) has established different ‘Bear Patrols’ distributed throughout the bear areas. This patrols collaborate in the monitoring and surveillance of the bear populations, fight against poaching, habitat management and restoration, research and environmental education programmes and social and awareness activities in Natural Parks and bear areas.

The patrols are formed by local women and men “sons of the Cantabrian and Pyrenean mountains”, born in bear territories, and contributing in that way to local work creation.

They receive specific training and are equipped with the best communication, optical and mountain equipment. With more than twenty years working with bears, these patrols have developed a very deep understanding of bear behaviour and conservation requirements. They contribute each year with information and samples of great interest for the annual census of females with cubs, and the management and knowledge of the ecology and demographic evolution of the bear populations. They have also contributed in a very significant manner to the fight against poaching. Have a look at this link…. (meter números de la FOP)

FOP has currently five Bear Patrols operating throughout the Cantabrian Mountains in the framework of cooperation agreements with the Cantabrian regional governments, and a field team working in the Catalonian Pyrenees. Bear Patrols work with the financial contribution of the European Commission, Fundación Biodiversidad, Generalitat de Catalunya and Gobierno de Cantabria, and the support of Land Rover Spain.