Bear and traditions


The brown bear has historically occupied humanized territories, so there are numerous cultural events associated with the brown bear. One of the most singular is the existence of cortinos and talameiros, a traditional stone to hide hives and keep them safe from the bears. The Fundación Oso Pardo ( FOP ) has acquired some of these “stones” to be preserved as a heritage because it is an important  ethnographic interest.

It has been restored cortín Mount Laron ( Cangas del Narcea , Asturias ) , owned by FOP and an excellent example of construction associated with the Bear.

Also in this section include the support given to recovery and maintaining of Silió Vijanera in Cantabria, that it has become in one of the few survivals of winter carnivals which were once common in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees, where the bear has a strong role.


vijanera-cortin-centroBear and owned, Vijanera de Silió (Cantabria). Cortín owned by FOP in Asturias